The Top 10 Fastest Roller Coasters In The World

The thrill of riding a roller coaster is exclusive. In fact, there are several of them to decide on from throughout the globe. If you’re searching for the most effective of them tho’, we have a tendency to are proud to gift the official high ten quickest roller coasters within the entire world.

10. Intimidator 305 Kings Dominion Park, U.S.

Launched in 2010, The Intimidator 305 is each the quickest and therefore the tallest within the japanese u. s.. set in Virginia. It’s 305 feet high and reaches ninety m.p.h. The ride’s 1st drop is three hundred feet with Associate in Nursing 85-degree most angle of descent. Named once the late NASCAR star valley “Intimidator” Earnhardt, it’s a NASCAR theme, includes eight turns and 4 hills, and lasts for 3 minutes. you need to be a minimum of four and a 0.5 feet tall to ride this ride.

9. Leviathan Canada’s Wonderland, Ontario, Canada

Canada’s quickest and tallest roller coaster, this ride has Associate in Nursing initial hill that’s 306 feet high and goes up to ninety two m.p.h. The angle of the ride’s 1st drop is roughly eighty degrees. This roller coaster incorporates a trio of in operation trains and sports a ocean monster theme.
It options a primary drop of 306 feet, a 183-foot high camelback hill, Associate in Nursingd an sudden 115-degree flip. The ride lasts for 3 minutes and twenty eight seconds. you need to be between four.5 to 6.9 feet tall to ride this attraction.

8. Millennium Force Cedar purpose Park, Ohio, U.S.

When it opened in 2000, Millennium Force was the world’s quickest and tallest roller coaster. At 310 feet tall, it remains the world’s 1st “Giga coaster” (being between three hundred and 300 feet high). This roller coaster additionally has 3 trains and 9 traveller cars. The ride, that lasts for 2 minutes and twenty seconds, includes four hills, 3 turns and 2 tunnels and travels as quick as ninety three m.p.h. you need to be between five feet and vi.5 feet tall to ride this attraction.

7. Steel Dragon 2000 Nagashima Spa Land green, Mie Prefecture, Japan

This is the world’s longest and sixth quickest roller coaster. It’s additionally Japan’s second quickest. The attraction is 318 feet high with the initial hill at 307 feet. It reaches ninety five m.p.h. throughout the terribly 1st drop. It options 2 hills that are each over two hundred feet high and lasts for four minutes. it’s also maybe one in every of the foremost earthquake-proof roller coasters likewise. you need to be between four.5 and feet tall to be sitting on this attraction.

6. Ring Racer Nurburgring Motor Sports advanced, Germany

Opened in 2013, This formula-one themed roller coaster was originally meant to run parallel to a automobile race track. It will reach up to one hundred thirty five m.p.h. In only 2.5 seconds. it’s hit ninety nine.4 m.p.h. In beneath 2 seconds and stands 123 feet high. The ride lasts for one minute and twenty five seconds. In 2014 they stopped operating to form it quicker as a result of it absolutely was not efficient. No specific rider height necessities were noted.

5. Superman: escape noble gas Six Flags Magic Mountain Park, California, U.S.

This ride could be a real steel shuttle roller coaster in Valencia has the ability to travel from zero to one hundred m.p.h. in mere seven seconds due to its linear synchronous motors. It rises to 415 feet and offers passengers a momentaneous feeling of weight. issues stalled the first 1996 launch date. it absolutely was restored and backward facing trains were another. It opened in 2011 with a ride length time of beneath one minute. To fly with Superman you need to be a minimum of four.5 feet tall.

4. Dodonpa Fuji-Q Highland green, Yamanashi, Japan

Japan’s quickest roller coaster will hit 107 m.p.h. In 1.8 seconds. At this speed, passengers can expertise a short lived sense of floating. It travels nearly three-quarters of a mile in mere fifty five seconds (the length of the ride). formally opened in 2001, it command the title of
world’s quickest coaster till 2003 once it absolutely was shod down by the highest Thrill Dragster within the U.S. It reaches a height of 171 feet. Passengers should be a minimum of four.27 feet tall.

3. high Thrill Dragster Cedar purpose, Ohio, U.S.

This is not solely the official second quickest roller coaster within the U.S., it’s additionally the official 1st strata coaster on the world. It’s a real complete circuit roller coaster and stands at 420 feet. in precisely four seconds it goes from zero to one hundred twenty m.p.h. It rises to a height of 412 feet. The ride includes a 90-degree incline and a unforgettable 270-degree raining twist. The ride lasts for under thirty seconds. Riders should stand between four.33 and 6.5 feet tall.

2. Kingda Ka Six Flags nice journey, New Jersey, U.S.

You must be a minimum of four.5 feet tall to ride the official quickest roller coaster within the U.S. This 456-foot tall ride incorporates a special hydraulic launch mechanism that ensures the coaster reaches 128 m.p.h. in only 3.5 seconds. At one purpose the ride drops 418 feet straight down at a 270-degree angle. The ride lasts for under twenty eight seconds throughout which era it takes passengers on some of the other way up track that provides them a momentaneous sense of weight.

1. Formula Rossa Ferrari World, (UAE) United Arab Emirates

Sorry, however you won’t be ready to board the official world’s quickest roller coaster if you’re beneath four.26 feet. The ride’s theme could be a tribute to the Autodromo Nazionale Monza in European nation. The coaster has four trains and 4 traveller cars. once the ride starts, it climbs to a height of seventy one feet and hits a hundred and fifty m.p.h. during a mere 5 seconds. That speed is really four.8 times quicker than being in free fall. All in all, the ride, covers near one.37 miles in one.32 minutes.