These Stylish 100-Year-Old Women Give Their Best Beauty Advice — That You Can Actually Use

When it comes to beauty and fashion, everyone has their own game plan. Be it minimalist or over-the-top flashy, human beings have been finding ways to express themselves through clothes and makeup since the dawn of time.

And if we’re lucky, some of us get to keep up that form of self-expression well into our old age.

Recently, Allure Magazine shot a fascinating (and adorable) video of a group of beautiful women who not only love making a statement through fashion, but are also all 100 years old or above. And the valuable tips they share are truly worth passing down to the rest of us.

The pursuit of beauty is an endless one.

It’s no wonder that the beauty and fashion industries are valued in the billions of dollars. People, many of them women, are relentless when it comes to finding the perfect outfit, tracking down miracle hair products, and dragging enough makeup hauls home to sink a ship. If it promises results, no garment or cream is out of the question for some dedicated fashion and beauty devotees.

It’s not a totally vapid pursuit because it lets us shine.

It’s no secret that when you look good, you feel good. A new outfit can make anyone feel like a million bucks. Sure, some people can become narcissistic, but for most of us, putting on new lipstick or sporting some fabulous jewelry is just the thing to jump-start our day and greet the world with a smile that says, “Yep, I’m all this and a bag of chips.”

There’s no better opportunity to show off what makes you tick.

Besides making us feel amazing, beauty and fashion lay out opportunities to express ourselves in unique ways. No one dresses exactly the same, and when it comes to makeup and nail polish, the possibilities are endless. Beauty bloggers are innumerable, mainly for the fact that there are thousands of tactical plans to put on a face and hundreds of options to cuff jeans above booties just the right way.

That doesn’t mean it’s not full of trial and error.

The thing about developing our own beauty and fashion styles is that it’s a process that takes time. Most of us stumble through awkward grade school, high school, and even college phases, before we figure out how to get our clotheshorse calling card just the way we like it. Ask anyone who’s attempted the perfect winged eyeliner. That ridiculousness takes ages to get right on the first try.

And even then.

When putting together our own personal style, it’s always wise to look to our elders.

Thankfully, some beauty mishaps can be avoided simply by asking those who’ve been braving the fashion frontier for years. Or, in some cases, a century. In a new video, Allure Magazine just did the beauty world a huge favor and showcased the best beauty tips from several women who are 100 years old or older. The result is both informative and inspiring.