Spending Another Christmas In The Shelter, Can You Help Him?

How long some doggies spend in shelters really makes no sense and its not quite believable but nevertheless, it does still happen. This doggie is three years old and has spent 401 days inside an animal rescue shelter…

His name is Bentley and he has lived inside the RSPCA run shelter in Aylesbury far too long now, he eagerly waits for a loving family to take him home!

Amy Ockelford of RSPCA press office says: – “He was rescued by inspectors just before Christmas last year, and he was found living in really, really appalling condition.”

“So he was rescued and taken into our care and given lots of TLC. And now he’s been in our care for 401 days, bless him.”

The average time it takes a shelter like this to re-home an ‘average dog’, if there is such a thing, is around 36 days, so for Bentley and his situation, it is quite a rare occurrence! Maybe, in this case, it’s partly due to his former lack of people skills!


Amy Ockelford said:

“He struggled when he first came in because he found it difficult being around other dogs, and was quite frightened of new situations …He’d obviously been shut away on his own and hadn’t been walked properly or socialized properly.”


The other scenario is that it has to do with his breeding, he is a Staffordshire terrier and unfortunately, they have a bad reputation among many as a ‘dangerous breed’.

Amy went on to say:

“We do struggle to re-home Staffordshire terriers sometimes, …It’s a real shame because they’re such wonderful dogs and they can make such brilliant pets”

“…they’re brilliant with people and brilliant with children. I think they have an unfair reputation.”

Ever since Bentley has been at the center all the staff have been working very hard to socialize him as much as possible and he has made really great progress, however, he will need an owner who is willing and able to carry on this training with him!


Amy continued, she said:

“Our staff had to spend quite a bit of time building up his confidence and getting him used to other animals and getting him used to new situations …So whoever his new owners are will have to carry on with that kind of work, and realize that they have to take their time and have patience with him.”

“In about 400 days, he’s got a lot more confident around people …He absolutely loves people. The staff at the center say that he’s the king of cuddles. He loves affection and he’s very, very sweet.”

Even with all this hard work by everybody involved Bentley still hasn’t found love or a hole to go to, nobody has been willing to take on this beautiful doggie and give him a home, love and more training…


Amy said:

“He’s had a few people show a little bit of interest in him, but no one’s ever gotten to the point of adopting him …He’s just been waiting patiently, staring out of his kennel longingly at everyone who walks by.”

Bentley has been at the shelter for such a long time that all the staff there feel quite fond of him now, but even saying this everyone really wants him to find the home he so deserves, and before Christmas!

Amy then said:

“He just deserves it, and he’ll come out of his shell so much when he’s in a new home …We’ve got seven days before Christmas, so I’m really hoping that someone will come forward and they’ll be the perfect match for him.”

“Then he’ll be able to spend Christmas lying underneath a Christmas tree, getting lots of treats. I think that would be the perfect ending.”

Since he is in a shelter in England then hopefully someone local to him will take him on and adopt him, in England or Wales!

If you think you have a place for Bentley then please do contact the RSPCA, if not then maybe a little SHARE of this story will be the little extra push that will mean someone will see this and adopt him before Christmas!