Shooting Pain in the Head: Here are the Common Causes

Headaches are quite common. Pain seasoned by people who are tormented by such will vary — from boring, sharp, throbbing, pounding, stabbing to cacophonous .

In this article, we are going to concentrate on headaches characterised by shooting pain, particularly its common causes.

Please be warned that none of the items you’ll stumble upon below ought to be mistaken for skilled medical recommendation, that are some things that solely a health care supplier will provide. If that shooting pain in your head refuses to travel away or is amid uncommon symptoms, ensure that you simply pay your doctor a visit.

Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia

Doctors decision this explicit reason behind shooting pain within the head by that tongue-twisting name. On the opposite hand, everyone else refers to that as brain freeze.

Brain freeze, or generally cold-stimulus headache, is essentially your brain’s manner of telling you to place the brakes on intense one thing that’s cold. you’re likelier to expertise this development the quicker you consume frozen dessert or semi-frozen beverages. Brain freeze could last anyplace from some seconds to a pair of minutes.


If you’re tormented by sick headache, you’ll sure enough realize it. That’s as a result of it always presents itself as associate intense shooting or stabbing pain on one facet of the top — generally touching one side when the opposite, too.

More typically than not, sick headache is preceded by what’s referred to as associate aura, that may be a visual disturbance within the sort of flashing lights. apart from an painful head, sick headache is additionally sometimes amid different symptoms like nausea, emesis and exaggerated sensitivity to lightweight, noise and even smell.

Tension Headache

Also generally referred to as tension-type headache, a headache is commonly caused by stress and heightened emotions. consultants believe that it’s the results of the muscles within the neck and head turning into finite or additional sensitive to pain.

Episodic and chronic — these are the most classes of a headache. Episodic headache is thought to last for associate hour to per week, and happens for fewer than fifteen days a month. Chronic headache, on the opposite hand, tends to occur for fifteen or additional days per month.

Cluster Headache

Many swear that the pain led to by a cephalalgia is one in all the worst they need seasoned in their life. It’s one thing that tends to seem abruptly, and it’s sometimes felt round the eye and within the temple.

Due to the very fact that the pain it causes may be quite intense, a cephalalgia will leave a private agitated. associate attack will last anyplace from quarter-hour to a pair of hours, and will occur one to eight times per day. A cephalalgia is sometimes amid sweating, liquid nose and red eyes.

Occipital hurting

There is a nerve that runs from the funiculus to the scalp, and it’s stated because the os nerve. generally it will get irritated, inflamed or broken, giving rise to what’s referred to as os hurting.

More typically than not, os hurting shows up right when associate injury that involves the neck or head. it’s going to even be thanks to a ruptured intervertebral disc or the other condition that causes the os nerve to become compressed or pinched. In some instances, it’s amid different symptoms like vertigo, nausea and emesis.


First things first: if you suspect that you simply are tormented by a stroke, ensure that you simply decision associate automobile or raise somebody to drive you to the hospital room.

Put simply, a stroke happens once the provision of ventilated blood to part of the brain is discontinue. ofttimes it’s going to take place as a headache that’s abrupt and intense. different common signs and symptoms of a stroke embrace symptom or weakness in one facet of the face or body, loss of balance or coordination, and hassle speaking.

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