He Saw a Dog Bound With Tape, That image will never leave him for as long as he lives!

If you are reading this right now, then one thing is for certain. We know you love dogs! Thats true right?

And in our love for the canine kind, we would never, EVER do anything to hurt them. And chances are, do anything in our power to save one if we know they needed our help.

Carl Allen and his friend were driving down the road in Denver, Colorado when Carl suddenly slammed the breaks. He saw an image in front of him that will never leave him for as long as he lives; sending his heart up into his throat.

“The dog was standing still and we just saw the white tape on the mouth and I said ‘is that a dog with its mouth taped shut?’” Carl said.

He knew he had to help this poor dog that looked to only be a puppy.

Although the dog immediately tried to get away, Carl eased him and assured the pup that everything would be okay; that he meant no harm like the cruel people who had done this to him.

“The dog started urinating on itself it was so terrified. We just kept trying to pet it and tell it that everything was okay; that we’re just trying to help you.”

Eventually, both Carl and another Good Samaritan were able to remove the bindings around the dog’s muzzle and feet, and the dog is now doing just fine thanks to someone taking a chance on him.

Carl was raised around dogs his whole life, and like us, doesn’t understand why anyone would want to hurt an innocent, defenseless dog. And he has a message for the heartless people who did this to the pup:

“I hope karma comes back around a gets them good, they need to go to jail.”

We are so thankful for people like Carl who truly love dogs and would do anything they could to help one in times of need.

And like karma comes around to those who do bad things, it rewards you with good if you but positive energy out into the world.