Rescuers Shocked To See What Was Wrapped Around Puppy’s Neck

No one knows where Paris had spent his days as a puppy, but surely he was cute enough for someone to have once loved him; what happened when he got a little older though is shocking.

In Karditsa, Greece, the stray young dog had scavenged through the streets looking for food, but he also hid a cruel secret.

As a puppy, some heartless owner had wrapped wire tightly around his neck, and so as Paris grew, the wire became more restrictive and soon dug into his delicate skin.

The wound was so deep, the wire had already cut a hole into his trachea. Luckily, Paris must have had a protective angel, because one day the Greek Animal Rescue (GAR) found him; Paris was no longer able to eat – he was literally starving to death.

It took some time to capture Paris; the shy pup was terribly afraid of all humans, and who could blame him?

And so when finally captured, the dog’s raging infection had to be dealt with even before surgery could be performed to close up the open wounds on his neck as well as repair the hole in his trachea.

“When he finally received his surgery, he felt less pain and started to eat… and eat. “

To put Paris’ condition into perspective, once his wounds were closed and he started feeling better, the dog gained 40 pounds within a few months; yes when found he was emaciated and close to death.

(Photos of puppy with wire wrapped around his neck via Rumble and screenshots video)

Check out his video now, and be assured there are still many people out here saving those who cannot speak.