Refusing to Leave His Best Friend Even After He Passed, Spyder Is A Fighter and A Survivor!

As a dog owner, many people who really don’t understand our obsession with dogs say to us, they are dogs, not humans, well thank goodness for that, but I have to say this doggie really does behave a little like a human…

Spyder was neglected and dumped in the streets of North Carolina…

This dog was sadly dumped on the streets, but he had a friend with him, also abandoned, but something sad happened and now Spyder refuses to eat, he was acting a little like us humans!

Spyder was absolutely starving hungry, thirsty and completely dehydrated, his friend had died but instead of going to look for help he refused to move away from his only friend.

Finally, there was somebody that noticed him firmly stuck by his friend and called for help. The Department of Animal Control came out to rescue him and he was talked to a local shelter to get fed and the care that he really needed!

dumped dog

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC , Jacquelyn O’Sullivan, said:

“He was very wary of people when he was picked up but I think also relieved to see help because he was so weak and emaciated himself and covered in open wounds”

“He wouldn’t have made it much longer on his own, especially out there alone.”

dumped dog

Since Halloween and the little, this scared doggie was found, all black, that was when they decided to name him Spyder….

dumped dog

Spyder was found to have parasites, on examination a the rescue center, he also had long overgrown nails, big areas of missing fur, severely emaciated, anemic and dehydrated.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, took him in as the rescue center thought he would be too much to cope with because of his extensive medical problems.

dumped dog

The vet partner in South Carolina took in Spyder for medical attention, he was started on ‘iv’ antibiotics and fluids, he only weighed 15 pounds and there was a long way to go in his recovery. However, the staff are confident that he will pull through and make a great recovery.

O’Sullivan said:

“He’s still shy and a little wary of strangers but he’s doing better”

“He’s getting a little stronger every day. He’s got a long road back both physically and mentally.”

dumped dog

Spyder is not only loyal, refusing to leave his best friend even after he sadly died, but he is a fighter, determined to survive and live a full life. Once he is able to make a full recovery he will be able to find that forever home to give him the love and attention that he so deserves!

If you’re interested in adopting Spyder once he has fully recovered, then you get in touch with the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for more information.