Pregnant Mom Flying Alone Captures Moment Fussy 1-Year-Old Passes Out in Stranger’s Arms

No one likes to fly when a cranky toddler is on board, but more than that no one wants to be the mom of the screaming tot.

Jessica Knapp of Mississippi recently boarded a flight with her very tired and disgruntled 1-year-old and worried what the folks around her might think of her and her son.

“I was not looking forward to flying with a one-year-old again while five months pregnant, completely alone.”

This stressed out mom found relief in seats 27A and B and went to Facebook to express her gratitude.

The couple was gracious to both mom and little boy, and they opened their arms and their laps to welcome the child. Knapp, amazed at her son’s acceptance of the couple, watched as he fell asleep in peace before the plane ever took off.

The couple, known only by their first names Lisa and Kevin, talked to Jessica, the whole flight.

“You held him until he woke up, I think from us laughing so hard. We talked for hours. About life, our jobs, being a mom, traveling,” Knapp wrote.

Jessica shared the story on Facebook to share the incredible experience and in hopes of locating the fabulous couple who made such a difference in her life that day.

“You made the most dreaded flight become one memory that will last a lifetime. I didn’t catch your last name, and I really would like to say thank you for restoring my faith in humanity just when we needed it most,” she wrote.

💕UPDATE! Thank you to the amazing people of Buffalo! With your help, we were able to find Ms. Lisa and Mr. Kevin!!!…

Posted by Jessica Knapp on Saturday, February 2, 2019