Poor Abandoned Pit Bull Was On The Point Of Death, Rescued In The Last Minute!

When New Jersey Humane Law Enforcement Officer Joe Antonello received a call at his office, someone wanted to report a sick or wounded deer in some tall grass around an empty industrial site.

But when Officer Antonello arrived at the scene, he saw immediately that the caller had been wrong. There wasn’t any deer, just a very emaciated dog in serious need of much love and attention.

Officer Antonello understood by simply looking at her that this poor Pit Bull was on the point of death. He wasn’t actually certain that the dog would make it through the trip to the emergency vet.

Her breathing was very shallow, and she was having a hard time lifting her head to look up at him. Even so, he wasn’t just going to stand by while the dog struggled.

He picked her up, took her into his vehicle, and started the ride to the hospital. He contacted them in advance to tell them that he was bringing in a dog in severe condition.


“I took her right in and they started working on her,” shared Officer Antonello. “All she was trying to do was lick hands when she came in.”

The fantastic staff at the hospital was able to save the dog’s life, and she even got a new name, Rue.

She may have been on the path to physical recovery, but no one was convinced that she’d quickly recover completely, thinking about the stress she was bound to have experienced.

Having said that, the job of looking for a furever home for her would definitely be quite an task… or would it?

During her recuperation at the animal hospital, Rue ran into a human known as Chrissy Devine. It only took Devine one glance at Rue to realized that she had to adopt her. Her heart broke so much for this poor little doggy that she was nearly instantly overwhelmed by emotion.

Despite the fact that Rue is doing a lot better these days, she’s still really far under the healthy weight and is learning how to love and have faith in everyone once again.

Thankfully, Devine and her family are a sweet and loving family, and they intend to help Rue no matter what they have to do. They will do anything to ensure that Rue will never again have to experience the life she had had before.