Man Stops To Help Woman Walking In Rain Then 3 Years Later Frozen When He Learn Her Identity

I really enjoy hearing stories about lives that reconnect in unique ways, especially when the chances of something happening seem impossible. Some people claim these things are good karma, energy, a coincidence or just by chance, but we know it’s God. One such story includes a woman and a stranger’s blessing.

Chris Wright and his family had just left church. It was raining outside and they drove past a woman walking on side of the road. He continued along to his house but kept thinking of the woman in the rain.

“I have to go back. I have to help her,” he said to his wife.

She describes her husband’s nature.

“You know when you have an urge and a desire something to do good? He was raised that way. He’s kind and generous to everyone. He’d never picked up anybody before, but he felt compelled.”

Chris went back towards where he saw the woman earlier and she was still walking. He picked her up and realized her car ran out of fuel. Chris kindly helped her get gas and gave her some cash. Her name was TunDe.

About three years went by and Chris found out his mother Judy was ill. He had aids come to help. Chris and his wife realized one assistant was especially amazing towards his mother.

“She cared for her in the most respectful way. She had the utmost respect for human life.”

Judy and the nurse aid would occasionally talk, and the woman told Judy about a man who helped her in the rain years ago. After that moment she said things in her life started to get really wonderful.

Chris realized that his mother’s nurse aid was the woman in the rain! No one could believe it!

“The encounter that had blessed them both three years ago, came full-circle. We don’t believe in coincidence. We’re a family of faith.”

Unfortunately, Judy passed away on TunDe’s birthday. The kind woman left her birthday celebration to be with Chris and the family.

Instead of getting flowers for Judy, the family set up a fundraiser to make contributions to TunDe’s education so she could finally be a nurse. In just under a week the family raised 20,000 dollars to go towards school. More money was raised after totaling around 34,000 dollars.

With this blessing, TunDe will finally get to become a nurse.

God works in amazing ways. Amen.