Man Finds Puppies Abandoned In Desert, They Take An Incredible Trip Accross 35 States

Back in 2016 Jordan Kahana, one December found two little puppies abandoned and wandering alone, he did the only thing he could, he rescued them, since that day they have been a team…

Jordan is 30 years old and very physically active, so it seemed logical not to just to rescue the puppies from the desolate and remote road, but to keep and love them too!

The pups were severely dehydrated, he took them to the vet to get them checked and treated then adopted them!

It really was one of the best decisions he could have made and he looks back on it a very happy guy…

The three of them make a team, completely inseparable and traveling together across the US. Jordan called the pups Zeus and Sedona and they have covered 30,000 miles together in 35 states!


Jordan shares the greatest moments on Instagram, we completely understand why people love his adventures…

Here is a small selection of what we think are his greatest moments, check out his Instagram for more!

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