They left heartbroken to see this dog living a nightmare after the raid of a puppy mill!

One look at this dog and you can tell it is living a miserable existence.

Rescuers found the dog, B.B., in a puppy mill, the basement of a home. B.B.’s cage was filthy, and the basement had no ventilation.

This is the life of a dog stuck in a puppy mill – this is why you adopt a pet (not buy one from a pet store).

The puppy mill was located near Charlotte, North Carolina and was busted up last September by members of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

No one is quite sure how old B.B. was, but they could tell she had repeatedly been bred. All of her puppies were then sold, and the process started again – what a sad life.

puppy mill

B.B. had probably lived her entire life in that filthy cage.

Jessica Lauginiger, the animal crimes manager at HSUS, recalls that B.B was very grateful to get some human attention.

puppy mill

You can see here that B.B. leaned into Jessica and accepted the love. B.B. was just one of over 150 dogs being housed at the puppy mill.

Also on the property were some cats and goats, and they all were living in squalor.

puppy mill

B.B. and many other of the rescued animals were taken to Cabarrus Animal Hospital for treatment.

When Brenda Tortoreo first saw B.B., she was in love!

puppy mill

Brenda soon took B.B. home – but adjusting to life in a home wasn’t easy for B.B. Rugs, grass, hardwood floors were all new (and scary to B.B.).

puppy mill

With time and patience, B.B. has learned how to live free and happy!