Kitten Found Tumbling Out During Yardwork Discovers Cuddles and It Changes Everything…

A family was doing yard work on a chilly day in October last year. While they were blowing leaves across the yard, a white ball of fur suddenly went tumbling out.

They immediately turned off the leaf blower and went to investigate. As they approached the little furball, it started to move.

It was a tiny kitten, who was alone, scared and cold. The family brought her inside, gave her a warm blanket and something to eat. The kitten was so young that she needed proper care to thrive.

“Knowing that I am a cat lover, they asked if I could keep the kitten,”.

Aly dropped everything at hand and drove up to meet the kitten. “We instantly fell in love with her. She was white, with dark grey ears and tail and one little grey toe.”

After giving her a much-needed bath and picking off all the fleas, Aly wrapped the fur baby in a towel and held her close. The kitten suddenly switched on her purr motor and nuzzled her nose into the crook of her human’s arm. That day she discovered cuddles and was hooked.

They named the kitten Cinders.

“The back of her legs and tail were so dark it kind of looked like she sat in cinders, and it was short for Cinderella since she had a Cinderella-story beginning to her life,”.

The 14 oz bundle of joy was estimated to be around one month old. They bottle fed her, helped her learn to eat solid food and gave her all the cuddles she wanted.

Cinders’ first trip to the vet!“She turned into a purring machine when we would get the kitten bottle out, and she loved cuddles and being tucked in under the blankets.”

Throughout this journey, Cinders has found a little admirer, who has been there watching her grow every step of the way.

Reagan the family dog took to the kitten on the day they met, and has been guarding and protecting her ever since.

“Now Cinders is 10 months old, weighs seven pounds and loves playing with her loving big brother Reagan,”.

The tiny furball that flew out of the lawn has blossomed into a gorgeous kitty and a cuddlebug!