This Guy Couldn’t Find a Date to School Prom, So He Took His Cat

Finding a date for promenade is a trying expertise for several. simply raise SAM Steiner. With the large date drawing ever nearer, the 18-year-old singleton from The States still hadn’t found a lady to require. therefore rather than going alone or refusing to travel in any respect, he did what any rational and sound-minded person would neutralist such a state of affairs. He took Ruby, his cat.

Ok, therefore he didn’t take his cat to the particular dance (as it’d are too trying for her) however he did a minimum of cause for a few promenade photos along with her. SAM’s sister Carolean brought the image to the world’s attention by posting the snap of the happy couple (I’m certain SAM appreciated that!) and Sam and Ruby have since become unlikely web superstars. they may not have gone to promenade along however they still create a reasonably cute couple!

this is undoubtedly a motivating couple. I’m not language that they don’t look sensible, or a minimum of happy, together. I’m simply language that seeing them along is confusing American state to without stopping. Meet SAM Steiner and his promenade initiate last year, Ruby the cat. Yeah, that’s not a joke. Last year SAM determined to require his pet cat, Ruby, to the college promenade.

A young man World Health Organization couldn’t understand a date to his lycee dance, took his cat instead.

Meet SAM and his promenade date Ruby the cat!

Ruby the cat could be a massive a part of the family. once SAM Steingard wasn’t able to realize a initiate faculty, he knew he had already got the right one reception.

“My brother took our cat to prom… My momma (Joanne) determined to shop for our cat a dress and sparkly collar thus my brother would have somebody to require photos”.

The manner Ruby appearance at her human within the exposure is priceless!

10 years past, Ruby was found behind a Ruby Tuesday’s building. “So that’s however she got her name” Holy Roman Emperor aforementioned.

She could be a terribly friendly cat and loves folks and therefore the neighbors. Ruby grew up with SAM and Holy Roman Emperor and that they share a awfully shut bond.

“When i used to be younger, she would walk with Maine {to faculty|to high school|to highschool} so after we arrived she would walk herself home and Maineet me there when school.

Ruby likes to be command. She’s a awfully chill cat and purrs after you pet her.

“She loves SAM as a result of he likes to speak to her in an exceedingly baby voice and he can provide her treats once in an exceedingly whereas.”

Ruby offers SAM a face hug!

“Since being home on summer break SAM did build her a bit cat fort out of a cardboard box Associate in Nursingd an previous shirt,” Holy Roman Emperor told Love Meow.

“Even tho’ she encompasses a $40 heated cat bed, she prefers the homemade fort.”

Sam and Holy Roman Emperor have each graduated from highschool since the image was taken last year.

“Both Maine and my brother miss her most once we’re away at college!”

Whenever they’re home, they are available to their past love Ruby for a few very-needed cuddles and love.

And now

Every time he’s home from faculty, they cuddle :).

Sweet Ruby