Guy Couldn’t Find A Date For Prom So He Took His Cat Instead

Some lucky ones find their dates easily, while others find it really hard to find a date for prom. Sam Steingard, an 18-year old guy from US, couldn’t find a date for his college’s prom night. With the big night coming nearer, Steingard felt ever more nervous and uncertain about whether he should go to this grand event at all. In the end, instead of going alone or not going at all, he decided to take his cat, Ruby as his date.

He didn’t, of course, take Ruby for a dance as it might have ended up him being humiliated and bullied at hands of his fellows, but he did pose with Ruby for a few prom photos! These pictures took the Internet by storm after Sam’s sister Caroline posted the snap of the cute couple on Imgur. Since that day, Sam and Ruby have become the new internet superstars