Guy Builds Cat Feeding Machine That Requires His Kitty To Hunt For Food

People usually train their dogs who are more likely to adopt the activities which are being taught to them. Ben Millam, the owner of a cat whose name is “Monkey” have trained his cat to search for her food. Ben have created a sort of a vending machine which allows the cat to put in a plastic ball inside that machine to get her food.

Now cat have to search the plastic balls which are hidden around the multiple places of the house. Machine recognizes the RFID-tagged balls, which triggers the feeder and the cat food is poured on the bowl under the machine.

Training a cat is never easy, but anything done with proper determination and consistency can be achieved in no time.
Which this amazing video below to see how its done. The video have almost 3 millions views.

More info: (h/t: laughingsquid)