Find Age Spots Causes, Symptoms, Remedies

Age spots, additionally called star lentigines and liver spots, area unit flat brown, tan, or black spots, that area unit sometimes seen on the face, shoulders, arms, and hands.

Common in adults quite fifty years recent, they’re one in every of the signs of aging, beside fine lines and wrinkles, and for a few girls, it’s unpleasant that they need it to be gone.

The following area unit the causes, signs and symptoms, and remedies for age spots.


Age spots square measure primarily caused by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays or UVR, in line with dressing Clinic. As per the publication, the spots might also result to the employment of tanning beds and business tanning lamps. In physiology, ultraviolet boosts animal pigment production within the skin; it promotes a tan color, that protects deeper skin layers from ultraviolet rays. Hence, age spots seem once animal pigment is created in high concentrations secondary to years of prolonged and frequent exposure to the sun.

Signs and Symptoms

According to Mayo Clinic, age spots seem as flat and oval area unitas of skin pigmentation and that they are typically tan, brown, or black in hue. As per the publication, they seem on skin of body components that have had the foremost frequent and prolonged sun exposure; they embrace the face, shoulders, hands, prime of the feet, and higher back. Skin changes also are related to skin cancer or skin cancer; so, it’s very important to hunt medical consult if the spot is in darkness pigmented, will increase in size, has associate irregular border, has uncommon color combos, and is in the midst of redness, itching, bleeding, or tenderness.

Home Remedies

While varied skin care merchandise like soap and lotion area unit offered within the market to induce eliminate age spots, home remedies also can be done to manage the condition.

Lemon Juice

One remedy for age spots is juice. consistent with One sensible issue by Jillee, juice contains acid, that acts as a natural whitener and exfoliates the skin; thus, it helps cut back age spot look. To apply, as per the publication, the person dabs contemporary juice onto the age spots and is left for a minimum of half-hour, overnight, or looking on the person’s comfort. As per the publication, the person applies the juice twice daily and enhancements are often detected in regarding 2 months.

Onion and Apple Cider Vinegar

Two different remedies for age spots area unit onion and apple vinegar, that area unit each offered in with menage. consistent with Organic Facts, onion is mixed and strained into a bowl. Next, apple vinegar is mixed with the onion. Then, the mixture is applied over the spots with a cotton swab unfit within the preparation. As per the publication, the mixture has incontestable increased ends up in 5 to 6 months.


Papaya is another accessible remedy for age spots. consistent with Natural Living concepts, papaya has radical acids, at the side of specific enzymes that aid in skin exfoliation and blemish reduction; this fashion, the person’s skin can have a beaming glow. To prepare, as per the publication, the papaya flesh is control to the age spots for regarding twenty minutes. an alternative choice is to chop the fruit into little chunks, that area unit ironed into a pulp with a fork. Then, the pulp is applied to the spots and is let to sit down for regarding twenty minutes.

Age spots area unit thought of signs of aging, that some girls need to induce eliminate. at the side of the said home remedies, medical sit down with a specialist are often in deep trouble additional assessment, planning, intervention, education, and analysis.