Elephant waits weeks for doggy best friend to return – just watch the moment he comes around the corner

Remember the old saying, elephants never forget? Well there is a reason for that. Elephants are one of the world’s most intelligent animals and elephants are not just smart – they are very social animals as well.

These beautiful animals have the ability to communicate with each other through different kinds of sounds to warn of possible dangers, but also to summon their children. Like us humans, they also enjoy playing around and show emotion.

At The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, elderly and sick female elephants are given a safe and expansive environment to live out their days, surrounded by experts who help meet their individual needs.

There are currently 10 elephants at the sanctuary, which is not open to the public, who get to play with each other.

One elephant name Tara has developed a very special friendship – with a dog called Bella. These two do everything together.

But, when Bella injured her back she was unable to walk and was forced to rest for three weeks in a special treatment center.

Tara was overwhelmed by seeing Bella suffer so much – and she refused to abandon her friend.

For three weeks, rather than roam her 1,800 acre habitat, Tara stood outside the treatment center waiting for Bella to come out and play again.

After standing in the same place day after day, week after week, the 35-year-old elephant was finally reunited with her best friend.

Watch the beautiful clip below.