She Was Doomed To Die And Had No Chance At All – Than Her New Human Walks Into The Room!

It’s unbelievable to think just how bad a reputation this beautiful and loyal breed comes with. A little puppy named Julia learned that in the hardest way possible.

It’s true that pit bulls are strong and muscular. But it’s because of that strength that they’re often chosen as guard dogs and are raised by some people to have short tempers.

No breed is born angrier than the rest, it’s just through bad publicity and constant media reports that a lot of people believe these beautiful creatures are bad, aggressive, or even evil.

You can’t even really blame people for believing that these days. It seems like you’re constantly hearing about a pit bull attack. But that’s only because those specific reports get a lot more views and traction. Just because this decade, it so happens to be pit bulls that are seen as the bad guys.

But we all need to work together to help spread the word that it’s not about the breed but about the people who raise them. Little Julia wasn’t even given a chance when she was thrown away into the wilderness and left to die simply because she’s a “bad dog.”

Her skin was completely eaten up by mange, and her blood was poisoned by the bites of thousands of flies. She was doomed to die and had no chance at all.

But thankfully, at the last possible moment, some good people found her begging to be saved. While it’s heartbreaking to realize just how many animal abusers there are in the world. At least we know there are even more good people out there to save them!

Warning: While Julia’s journey is difficult to watch, it’s all worth it in the end!

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