Doggie dreams of forever home after being abandoned for the eleventh time!

We have heard of some cases where a dog has been abandoned more than a few times but for a poor doggie to go through it eleven times is a complete surprise even to us! Sheana, the doggie here we are talking about, came to the shelter in Long Island, New York in 2014…

When she first arrived there in the shelter the initial thought is that she was a stray dog, but the way she interacted with people, the mark on her muzzle and her fear of people, especially men, made the rescue workers suspect that she wasn’t at all stray!

The rescue workers asked the person while they could about where she came from, and they were right, she had come from a violent home, the poor girl!

For any dog that comes from such a background, it would take both time and patience for her to build her confidence and start to trust people again, a job not for the faint-hearted and someone with experience would be best.

She was two years old and she really needed help so the rescue center, Hempstead Town Animal Shelter, sent her to training, to a facility that could hopefully accustom her to being around people again.

After this, she was adopted and it all looked great for her, but sadly it didn’t take, and she was right back to the beginning again almost…

stray dog

This theme of getting adopted seemed to be circular as each time she was adopted it didn’t work out, all in all, and three years later she ended up right back at the Hempstead shelter where she first began what was to be her new life with a forever family.

Now it really was the eleventh time she had been rescued, what would she do this time?

Melissa Fogarty, Kennel Supervisor said:

“As much as our day-to-day is working on her anxiety, she helps with mine as well …not to be corny, she just needs to find someone that wants to give her the full-fledged chance she deserves.”

“She’s honestly one of the best dogs I’ve ever met and I would take her home in a heartbeat if she was good with cats …When she loves you, she LOVES you. She’s loyal, sweet, and definitely makes my day.”

stray dog

“People get scared off by the work that comes along with her …But I don’t think they realize every dog you rescue needs a little extra TLC.”

Well, this stray dog needs a special person who is understanding and experienced and can stick with her through it all, we really hope she finds her forever home!

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stray dog

If you are looking to help a doggie like Sheana, and you live near New York, contact Melissa Fogarty by calling (516) 785-5220 ext. 4632, or emailing at

We wish you the very best holiday wishes Sheana and will say a prayer for you each day until you find a forever home!