Cop Finds Abandoned Dog In Park, Decides To Just Adopt Her

When Bloomington, Indiana police officer Jeff Ripley was dispatched to a call about an emaciated and injured dog in a local park, he had no idea how much the call was about to impact his life.

When he finally got to the park, what he found absolutely broke his heart.

A Sorry Sight

Some good samaritans in the park had come across a stray boxer mix who was severely underweight, and weak to the point she had a difficult time standing up and walking.

She was also covered in various scrapes and burns, and ridden with fleas. She had clearly suffered some sort of injury to her back left leg.

Taking Action

Officer Ripley called his fiancee Rosie Ahlberg, who is a regular volunteer at the City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control shelter.

The shelter was closed for the day, so they decided to take the dog, whom they named Daisy, back to their place for the night.

The next day, they discovered that Daisy was micro chipped and around 1 year of age.

When she tracked down Daisy’s current (and 4th) owner, Rosie was told that Daisy had been hit by a car back in April and they no longer wanted her.

Finding Home

Jeff and Rosie decided that they would seize the opportunity to give Daisy a home and the love she deserves with them and their other rescue dog and two cats.

Rosie reports that Daisy has adjusted well and made a lot of progress with in a very short time;  she no longer flinches when someone goes to pet her from above and doesn’t cower and shake when someone even slightly raises their voice in her presence.

The damage to her back leg from the car accident in April was severe, so Daisy is going to be having surgery soon to repair a torn ACL, a torn meniscus, and a luxating patella.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Jeff and Rosie defray the cost of the surgery.