Burnt With Oil, Slashed By A Machete, Finally He Gets The Home He Deserves!

When you envision being purposely scalded with hot oil does it make you think back to medieval torture and barrels of hot tar or oil? Well unfortunately even in these modern times there are such terrible acts and involving defenseless animals like Manny, a four year old stray dog…

Manny, a stray dog was discovered by a passionate and amazing dog rescuer on the South American streets, his face was an indescribable misshapen, thank goodness for good people like this rescuer that both found and rescued him!

This doggie really had been through the mill, his face had been burnt with hot oil, slashed and sliced with some sort of machete and then abandoned on the streets, are we back in medieval times? Would a medieval punishment for the perpetrator be a just and fitting punishment, it certainly makes you think!

One thing for sure it makes my heart skip a beat every time I hear something like this, such a serious and deeply disturbing thing like this really is not normal, I think we all hope and pray that whoever did it get caught up with!

Thankfully there really are so many wonderful dog lovers out there who would really love to adopt a dog in need, a rescue dog, or a dog exactly like Manny.

stray dog

Despite experiencing such hardship and terror Manny held on, with unbelievable strength, just hours from the grasps of death, such a strong dog he would make a wonderful loyal loving pet.

Manny, by all the powers that control the future, kismet, has found the place he is meant to be, a loving hole in New York has called to him upon hearing his plight. They are waiting for him with excitement!

Anne Darmstedter, in Blasdell, New York adopted him, he was flown there and finally, he will live the life he deserves to live.

stray dog

Anne said:

“I just want him to feel like he has a family” … “I can’t wait to start loving him and spoiling him. I’ll be driving him around and bringing him to meet my family.”

It was thanks to Kim Rodeffer that Anne was finally able to adopt Manny. Kim runs a place called ‘Little One’s Independent Rescue’ based in North Tonawanda.

Anne also said:

“I am close with Kim’s local rescue and saw Manny in my Facebook feed with her story being shared from Colombia”

stray dog

Manny is finally safe, off the streets, he is comfortable and with lovely people who will care for him and look after him, finally its a lovely end to a grim start in life!

This is the life that he could only dream about when he was in Columbia, both protected, warm and never to face such monstrous things again.

stray dog

After his strength and will to live in Columbia he really does deserve this awesome second chance that found him and then placed him safe, loved and with his forever family. We are so happy Manny that you got your dream family and the love you deserve!