Your Body Shape Shall Dictate What You Should Eat to Lose Weight Fast

If you hear the phrase “body type,” you probably think it’s a description of how a person looks physically. But it’s not just about that.

Body type can tell a person how and what he or she should eat, so that the body will respond well. This is especially helpful for people who are on a diet or those who want to lose weight.

Although not everyone fits into one of the body types because it’s mostly a combination of these characteristics, there are three main types that can help you distinguish the right diet and workout regime for you.

1) Ectomorph

An ectomorph is a thin person with small bone structures and skinny limbs. This body type is mostly found in endurance athletes. Being an ectomorph means you can tolerate carbohydrates more than other people, while you have fast metabolic rate. The best diet for ectomorphs consists of higher amounts of carbs, medium protein, and low amounts of fat.

2) Mesomorph

If you’re a mesomorph, you have medium-sized structure. You’re generally viewed as the athletic body type and if you’re an active person, you have lean mass. If you’re wondering if you fit into this body type, think of gymnasts and wrestlers as they fall into this criterion. Because mesomorphs have dominant growth hormone and testosterone, they tend to gain muscles fast and effectively, while having lower body fat. As for the food to eat, mesomorphs will thrive with mixed diet. It consists mostly of carbs and an equal amount of fat and protein.

3) Endomorph

If you have a larger bone structure with high body fat and mass, such as those power-lifters and linemen in football, you’re an endomorph. Most endomorphs are not active and the extra calories they don’t use become stored as fat. Therefore, it is very easy to gain weight and may not be able to tolerate high amounts of carbs. Diet should consist of high fat and protein, while carbs should be controlled and are recommended to be taken at the right time – for instance after exercising.

One effective way to lose weight faster is to understand how well your body tolerates carbohydrate-dense foods. If you’re generally an active person, your body will be able to handle more carbs. So if you’re going to exercise, you should prepare food that is high in carbs. Meanwhile, if you’re just going to sit and watch TV, avoid eating foods that are high in carbohydrates – and that is regardless of your body type.

Source stethnews