Baby laughing hysterically at Mom trying to crack open coconut

Babies are so innocent and sweet! They tend to cry a lot, but they also laugh a lot! Babies have the cutest laughs and their laughs are also very contagious. Their pure joy and amusement at the seemingly simple things should make us all take a step back and learn to appreciate the wonders that life holds. Laughing is such a gift and God loves when we laugh! Being happy and joyous is so important, especially when life seems to be getting us down. There are always good things in life, sometimes it just takes a second glance to be able to see the beautiful, happy things God has created.

Take some time today to thank God for the little, joyous things He has put in your life. Sometimes it is so easy for us to take these blessings for granted, and we do not realize how great they are until we no longer have them. Today, look around and be more intentional about spotting life’s little blessings. It will make you so much happier and help you to remember all of the love God has for us!

Watch as this adorable baby named Sixten laughs hysterically while his mother attempts to crack open a coconut! The little guy can’t get enough of it! He is so happy and his laughter is truly contagious. This little boy is such a sweetheart and we hope he brightens your day and blesses you with a smile!