23 Years After She Was Placed For Adoption Jack Wagner Finds Long-Lost Daughter On A Cruise

In 1988, Jack Wagner got a shocking phone call.

The actor, best known for his role as Frisco Jones on the popular soap opera General Hospital, was a father. But the phone call wasn’t a happy one.

The child’s mother had only known Jack for one night. She never told him she got pregnant, though she felt compelled to give him a call after she’d given birth. Sadly, she didn’t feel she could properly raise a child at that time. The woman made the very hard decision of placing the baby for adoption, which would allow the little one to have the amazing life she deserved.

Jack was stunned by this news. He called an attorney to see what he could do, but the situation was beyond his control.

For years, Jack lived without knowing his daughter. But that all changed in 2011.

Jack was on a cruise hosted by Rick Springfield when someone knocked on his cabin door. He was supposed to be on stage in five minutes, but when he opened the door, he says “this hysterical young girl” rushed into the room.

The young woman pulled Jack into a hug. He didn’t know what was happening, until the young woman said, “I’m your daughter.”