10+ Times Cats Found Catnip, And Cat.exe Stopped Functioning

If you are a cat owner, having small bags of green powder in your store means something completely different from what most people might think. It’s known to be a magical dust that can turn domestic house cats into wild jungle kitties with in 2 seconds! It has the ability to make them still, motionless just like a stone covered in fur. Welcome to the miraculous world of catnip, and the stoned cats who won’t stop taking it.

The word ‘catnip’ comes from nepeta cataria that’s a herb that’s very similar to mint. This herb, whether fresh or dry, secretes a chemical known as nepetalactone. This chemical compound activates a response from pheromone receptors of cats. Simply said, it makes cats lose their mind and go crazy when they smell this herb. If the plant is taken in orally, it works as a sedative for cats. However, every cat has a different reaction to this magic herb, and some may be immune to its effects and might not even be bothered at all. While, others… Well.

Check out this list that we’ve compiled for you and you’ll know exactly what we want to say. These cats go through serious catnip effects, you might as well wish to be on their highness level.

#1 Kitteh’s 1st time on the nip.

#2 Our cat scared us to death today.

#3 Meet Felix, okay don’t. He’s stoned af.

#4 Our cat gets high on catnip, then sits on the couch and watches family guy for hours. I walked in on her like this.

#5 Hugo had a lot of catnip and sat like this for 20 minutes.

#6 Her reaction after smelling catnip.

#7 Just my cat enjoying some catnip in the sun. He was seriously sleeping like this.

#8 Well, well, well. Do I need to say anything?

#9 My stoned cat.

#10 My cat got hyperactive after taking catnip.

#11 My kitten found the catnip drawer and immediately had an existential crisis.

#12 Friends little buddy after catnip spilled on the floor.

#13 Just after seeing it…

#14 Cat shaming: drug edition.

#15 “I’ll eat you next!”

#16 Two of my stoned beauties.

#17 Mac licking the rug while in a catnip stupor.

#18 Catnip + cat pole: awkward family situation (Mother and son)

#19 My friend brought him catnip and look at him. Just look at him.

#20 My cat won’t leave the catnip stick.

#21 Woke up to this disaster this morning and now the cat is high as shit. I ain’t even mad.

#22 So I put some catnip in our food dehydrator and came to find this.

#23 Story of my life…

#24 I gave a little catnip to my sister’s cat for the very first time.

#25 My kitty sleeping after catnip overdose…

#26 Meet my stoned friend. No, no, I mean the kitty.

#27 He found where I planted the catnip herb.

#28 Forgot I had catnip growing.

#29 While we were out, my cat Wesley found the catnip bag, ripped it open, and this is what we returned to.

#30 Genovese and her spring catnip.

#31 I gave my cat a tupperware full of catnip.

#32 A cat broke into the shop that I work in.

#33 The cat that found the stash.

#34 Spaghetti’s first catnip experience.

#35 His first try of catnip, fresh from the garden.

#36 My sister decided to give her cat some catnip.

#37 My cat makes the weirdest faces on catnip.

#38 My wife’s cat likes to get high on nip and “hang” out in bags or he meows incessantly until he does.

#39 My cat after taking a dose off catnip.

#40 Found my kitty like this a few minutes after I gave him catnip.