10+ Reasons For You To Have A Glass Table If You Own A Cat

Indeed, the best way to view your cat! After seeing the pictures below you might want to get your camera back in action…

#1 Did you know that cats have been scientifically proven to be the cutest animals?

#2 The height of their cuteness can be seen through a glass, apparently…

#3 Some cats can’t even comprehend about whats happening

#4 “Am I in the air? How can I see through this thing.”

#5 “Boy, boy, boy. What is this thing?”

#6 You can clearly see these cute little paws

#7 And their cute little belly fluffs!!!

#8 There is literally no better way to view a cat

#9 “This glass is the perfect place for a cat nap.”

#10 “I won’t move form this place ever.”

#11 “I’m the boss now.”

#12 “Hello hooman.”

#13 “Watcha lookin’ at bro?”

#14 The view is even better outdoors in sunlight

#15 “Am I going to fall through this thing?”

#16 Fresh air is good for health

#17 It’s time to get a glass table right away

#18 From this day on wards: Glass, glass everywhere

#19 You can actually take cool cat pictures like this

#20 And this picture will certainly make you wonder why you never used your glass table for this before

#21 Because these photos of cats on glass will out weigh any other photos you’ve ever taken

#22 “I’ll pose. But, make it look like a candid-shot.”