10+ People Who Thought They Didn’t Need A Cat In Their Life

Some people just don’t like cats, and that’s okay. Some people even dislike pizza, chicken nuggets, or Duchess Diana. Maybe they had bad experience with the feline race or something like that, but love or hate is just a human perception, which can be changed over time. Also, there’s an undeniable fact that cats have their way to capture human hearts. You may have heard stories here and there about people’s change of heart for cats, and we would like to add some more to your library today. Scroll down for sweet stories about people who got cat-charmed.

#1 He used to dislike these little fur balls.

#2 Why are cats always attracted to people who hate them?

#3 Said he did not like cats. Now he’s a cat person.

#4 Dad logic: hates cats, then builds bunkbeds for these good boys.

#5 Guy said he did not like cat. What a liar!

#6 This guy was only tolerant when his girlfriend got a cat. Now he owns the cat.

#7 The more you hate, the more you love.

#8 Can you resist this beauty?

#9 Girlfriend goes around telling people she hates the cat. Yeah right.

#10 He looks like the type who would make lobster soup for their cat.

#11 Said he hated cats. It’s been 14 years of hate already.

#12 Hey! You guys are not supposed to be this close!

#13 He’s not a dog person anymore.

#14 Dad who claimed he hated cat got caught red handed.

#15 His girlfriend is now officially a side chick.

#16 This kitty is just irresistible.

#17 Overly ‘cattached’.

#18 The cat’s having a good time with one of her self-claimed cat hater.

#19 Friend said she “hates cat”. We love people who hate cats in this manner.

#20 The more the merrier! And the dad thought he wasn’t a fan of this.

#21 4th set of fosters. Pretty good for a former cat hater!

#22 Boyfriend thought he wasn’t a cat person until this.

#23 This strict dad had fallen for this kitten.

#24 And you said you did not want a cat.

#25 Gus is now this dad’s favorite.

#26 Not all tough guys have a pitbull.

#27 This guy got adopted… by the cat.

#28 Never thought this guy did not want a cat.

#29 But… you said you didn’t like cats…

#30 Everyone loves cats deep in side.